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Mademoiselle Louisette

Publié le 15 novembre 2009 par Lollipop
Mademoiselle Louisette"Mademoiselle Louisette isn't as sweet as her name supposes,
She's an old maid and owns a hat shop, you should beware as she crosses
the corridors and, be afraid of her wooden eye
Or it's magical spell will make you work like slaves! LaïLaïLaï....."

Just to say a little "hello", i'm more working on my pinups these days and well, this place missed a little "up"!
So here's a "comme au bon vieux temps" victorian character drawing, with a playlist you may appreciate if you're a "vintage-enthousiast" like me :)

Discover the playlist 1Mamselle Louisette with Maurice Chevalier

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