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Thesis about european graffiti writers with renok, hero, philo, raw, edge, luther, hirock, mirics, mars, twice, gear, some, revs and aso.

Publié le 25 septembre 2010 par Bbo
Some trains are kind of worth more. When writers meet they talk about different trains and different train yards where they’ve been. When you meet a new writer, you always have some places or trains to identify with and talk around. Local trains are generally more worth painting. For example the old Dutch banana train (the yellow one floor train called ‘doggie’), the Spanish ‘mirror trains’, Berlin’s yellow subway, Southern Sweden’s purple trains or Danish’s old red S-train. People used to go to Copenhagen just to paint that one. [Aso – 26, Stockholm]
Master Thesis :
Behind the tag : A journey with the graffiti writers of European walls (Pdf file)
Author : Silvia Pietrosanti
MSc European Communication Studies
Graduate School of Communication
Amsterdam, June 2010
Source : UvA Scripties Online

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