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New Vivienne Westwood Fragrance "Naughty Alice", illustration by Maly Siri

Publié le 12 novembre 2010 par Maly

Close-ups capturés lors du making-of....

L'original sur papier.The original drawing on paper.* english translation: This summer, i had a marvelous opportunity of being called to work

for a fabulous creator i adore: Vivienne Westwood. Only her name fires the imagination, evoking elegance and casualness, fairy and chimaera, creativity and insolence.

All the essence of the word “english” to me!

A Vivienne Westwood dress was sent to me so i could draw after it,

to design the new pin-up egery for the paper advertisement.

From London to Paris, from Paris to Montreal,

it was all adventure!

Her name is Alice (after Lewis Caroll’s), she got redhair, she’s Naughty,

she’s leaning on the enchanting perfume bottle...

Here’s for you today the new fragrance "Naughty Alice" by Vivienne Westwood,

illustration by Maly Siri!

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