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Publié le 17 juin 2009 par Domino
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© Lauren Dukoff

J'ai déjà parlé de Lauren Dukoff ici et dans wow, son livre de photos Family est maintenant disponible à la vente.
C'est un beau travail dont la somme se retrouve là ; je crois qu'il y a beaucoup de gens qui prennent des photos comme ça et il y a toujours une photo bien au milieu de 30 autres ratées ; et puis il y a les autres ceux qui ont un oeil différent, qui voient autre chose et l'appareil photo n'est que l'extension de cette capacité.
Donc Lauren Dukoff.
Le livre coûte 35 dollars donc pas grand chose, il doit se trouver sur amazon.
Sur le minisite consacré au livre on peut ecouter des chansons des artistes photographiés (mention speciale au you and me de kevin barker) et lire pas mal de choses intéressantes.

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© Lauren Dukoff

Maria, please don't leave me now, I need ya.
I'm a wanted, there's nowhere I can go.
My hope's turned down, my luck's spun-round and left me.
No, I didn't see it comin', but oh I'm watchin' it go.

So I chose the company of those who don't need redemption.
Took a new name, mostly to fool my friends.
Swore-off the days when I had to count on others.
'Cause courtin' the life means countin' your days 'til the end.

I made enemies of those who might defend me.
Barter with men liable to do me in.
Snakin' my way as deals would make you wonder;
what kinda heaven are these killers dyin' to win?

Did I lose my way?
Or did I just play the cards the way the dealer gave them to me?
I tried not to regret, the things that I've done yet.
I know no pardon headed for the guilty.

Some games you play to win, well you lose.
Sometimes your dealt, you don't get to choose.
Some guns get drawn but you don't need to use them.
Some try and die before their troubles began.

Oh but I, Oh but I
I seemed to have it all.
I had the women.
I had the law by my side.

I climbed so high, the sky dropped down to teach me
How to lay low to keep my ear to the ground.

I'll get caught one day, least that's what they say.
Red hands are but a killer's way of tryin'.
Don't ask me to confess, my peace will come on rest.
Confessin's just an honest way of lyin'.

My nerves are tangled and I'm cursed with the fear of knowin'.
No alibis or ties left to keep me goin'
No alibis or ties left to keep me goin'
No alibis or ties left to keep me goin'.

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