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Mercredi sous la Neige – Paris/Vélo

Publié le 22 juillet 2009 par Mowglimontier

Mercredi sous la Neige - Paris/Vélo


This week, I resumed going on bicycle from home to the studio.

The route is not very long, but as it’s in Paris, it’s dangerous all the time. So I have my helmet, my gloves, my rear-view mirror and my lights.

Yesterday I banged two pedestrians!

The first one crossed casually in the middle of the street ignoring the traffic. As I saw him, I slowed down and I went to pass behind him. When he saw me: frightened he moved back and thus we banged a little, but nothing serious as I did not have to stop.

The second one: it was on one of its very particular places where the road, the crosswalk and the cycle track mix together. I was cycling from the road to the crosswalk to enter the cycle track the light being very red for the pedestrians. Two pedestrians stoped, waiting for their time and at the same moment I was on the crosswalk one girl bursts out shouting in her mobile and collides me on my side.

There again, I didn’t have to stop but I have to find a way to have a stick at hand when on my bicycle.

And as always, this opened window …

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