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Bettie Page... after the Burlesque Show

Publié le 22 mars 2010 par Maly
This drawing is for sale in the SHOPWhat if Bettie Page had been a true burlesque performer? She'd had millions admirers! Riiing Riiiing!
-Hello?-Miss Bettie Page?-Herself !-Your show was HABAh-DABAH-DOO tonight Miss Page!!-Oh Johnny, thank you darlin' ! Was the bunch of roses from you??-What the...? Oh, yeees! Did you like them sweetheart?-Sure! I love roses and you know it so well...-So, wanna go out tonight babe?-Oh yes Johnny, let me dress a little...See you in 15 mns.-Don't dress too much, Bettie...-You naughty boy!

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