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urban sketchers in barcelona

Publié le 02 juin 2010 par Lapin

freekhand - lapin - zaza
on saturday, I met freekhand and zaza (the urban sketchers from bologna and istanbul) to sketch together.
freekhand is an old friend now, and I could tell we will meet more and more in the future ;), but I met zaza for the first time last week, when she decided to visit barcelona.
we went to passeig de gracia, and sketched this modernist house of the "manzana de oro", and strolling in the city.
manzana de oro
it was a very charming day that we ended dining at home.
zaza spent 6 days in town, and we get time to sketch together in the metro, at the miro museum, in a park…
sketchbook #119
…and this last sketch of the "rambla de poblenou".
rambla de poblenou
see you soon, miguel and zaza!

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