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JWT Tunisa Vs Havas Tunisia

Publié le 13 août 2010 par Tunez
JWT Tunisa Vs Havas Tunisia
The ring: Tunisia, a little country with less than I guess 14 big fortunes, and some multinationals companies.
The fighters: Two worldwide agencies: JWT Vs HAVAS.
JWT Tunisia: The first agency in North Africa to win a Dubai Lynx Award, and to be selected for the shortlist at Cannes Lions. 40 persons in Tunisia work for JWT. A great team, I met some PR Managers from JWT, and attended some Press Conferences organized by the agency. Lately the launch of Bifi, a new yogurt made by Vitalait, also Sunsilk Co Creation. I wrote two articles about the events when I was working with Tuniscope.
HAVAS Tunisia: well, they represent Havas Worldwild, a subsidiary of Euro RSCG, the agency behind the well known ad made for Canal+ “le placard”. In Tunisia, they some how managed to obtain the Tunisia Telecom communication contract! For further details you can check this post on business News.
So who’s going to win the fight? A digital fight started on Facebook. JWT with its fan page, called JWT Tunis voted best agency of the year by Pascal.
Still figuring out who the hell’s Pascal ?! Or Havas Community page, and its controversial Tunisia Telecom campaign, a TV Ad representing Tunisians people looking like they escaped from the eighties. And a new logo for Tunisia Telecom, similar to Virgin Media logo. Despite the critics, plagiary is a common thing in Tunisia, and no one seems to be bothered by it.
At this point, the fight has started: JWT has done a preemptive strike. One of the agency clients graciously offered them a billboard a minute away from Havas office, showing JWT logo, and the catch phrase of the moment JWT Tunis voted best agency of the year by Pascal, the mystery campaign.
Again who’s the winner? Well, we will see and judge

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