Lampe a photopolymeriser HL-IV

Publié le 08 janvier 2014 par Dennylee

lampe à polymériser dentaire HL-IV



The machine belongs to Class Ⅰ, type B. It’s a general equipment, not AP or APG equipment, we suggest to stop 5 minutes after continue working 60 seconds.

2.Scope of application:

This machine used for dental treatment, it can cure resin and dental light-sensitive material that sold in the market.

3. Main parameters of whole unit:

⑴. Power Supply:

Input voltage: 100 V ~240V

Supply frequency: 50 Hz~60Hz

Rated capacity:≤20VA(determined by nameplate)

⑵.Light source:adopt 5W LED


Light Power:≥200-800mw/cm2

Can adjust button P to change the light power

⑶.Gross Weight:1.5 Kg


⑸.The opticLimited area of guide light components:50.27mm2

If you want to know more information,please click:photopolymérisation dentaire

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