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… when you hold us .

Publié le 19 mars 2015 par Kentin Spark @KentinSpark

" I see you still have smoke at the end of the spout.

- Yes, I am here to lead to lung cancer. But tell me, you, you are always in a glass bottom!

- Yes true, but I'm for liver kyphosis.

- You mean cirrhosis, sometimes.

- That is what I just said.

- If you want. Thou watered times too. You should take the air, you're all red.

- Do not laugh. I fuse good year to believe that I would be the star of the moment.

- You're in the spotlight too often. For once, you're qu'accompagnant.

- Yes, I'm here me at least. You, you always start to ashes!.

- I'm that cloning struggling for their well-being. But you have no reason to complain, you who came under criticism of great men.

- You think it's worth being watched buttocks, so we tell you: " He has a beautiful dress, it is fruity this year, he has taste. " You think it is a life, right?

- I did not want to hurt you in ... Hem! Hem! The white of your heart. Do you want roser you to apologize?

- Yes of course. Tell me you are there for what exactly?

- Well, we wait. One of them has to undergo a settlement account. For once it is neither you nor I who smoke them.

- My degree is in turmoil, I remembered more. And ,,,

- Shh! It begins.

- Do not burn, it was not a bunch of questions, just a quest ...

- Shh! You are intoxicating force.

- I lose my breath, I'm dying, I'm just died and I want to read a few words ... vital for me.

The ball enters me, I did not see it coming. Yet the pain made me moan. The smell of my blood flowing to remember. I die, emptied my breath goes out. I see a shadow of my death. I feel alone, carrying my death that takes me. The silence drew me towards this way of light. My love does not shine. I let myself sink out of strength, lulled by the radiation. A voice called me with the energy I'm out. I'm there, I dont know which surrounded by. My eyes water as I leave this world. My ears do not hear these cries, they do not listen to my heart. My nose does not feel the smells of life, he feels the beat of my breath that flies away. I'm lying there and I watch myself die without a gesture for me. I'm not. I do not yet live here I am. Listen to me, I cry to you! Do not cry! Look at me! I call you. Hear me I beg you. Hold my hand. I need to keep you not to drown in your tears. Be there for me, I'm leaving. Be there to accompany me, do not be selfish. I need you. Hold me, I'm not ready. Do not abandon me. I do not want to go. I want you back. The vital color escapes, the black catches me. I remain rooted to our photos, lifeless, whereas in the past I watched you. Remember, these oxygen times. I'm not. I became jealous. I became resentful. I want you, I wish I replace you. I left, but I'm not far away, I will wait for you. Miss you! I see you, I feel you, I'm listening. Live! Yes live! You wear the breath that I have not. I would not be wounded by your attitude. So no cinema before my last home. Share this moment, after you will eventually forget me. I do not blame you. I will not have a happy birthday to you. I will not have a beard to accompany you at year end, or even of opening to offer. I would have thought that remind you that I was among you, alive. I do not want your tears, or the flower of All Saints. I want to live. Yes I Do! Do you understand? I want to live.
Do not leave me to die once . Believe me, when you will join me , I 'll be waiting with open arms. Give me nothing but a last breath. A potpourri of my experiences with the scent of memories give me life . I do not want to be dead , so let me live through you.

- Wake up, it's over. What took him to the author ? It fills incidentally these two individuals unorthodox look for scénar a guy who die and who speaks in his death. He takes us for idiots that or what? I have not signed up to be included in such a shit!

- Huh? What?

- I said that the narrator should perhaps stop using you, because at the moment I am the only supposed .

- Ok, ok!

- See? The most miserable of all, is that we are is ephemeral.

But when you see the actions of the so-called intelligent beings, make fun of all, afford everything and see them cry when the damage is done , frankly. ,, Perhaps it is more fleetingly reality they, do not you think ? Even our God is the greatest addiction .

- Huh? Hic ! You told me ?

- What is your role , should have been written by the author , fasting .

- Who is it that says that we are at the height of Agen ...

- Forget it ! I see that my hopes fall in smoke. "

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